Kalamunda Bush Dance

Zig Zag Community Arts are at it again!! Tony of NumGuts

On 14th March, they brought Stirk Park, Kalamunda, to life with music & laughter; this time with a range of musical sounds from performers NumGuts Bush Band & Black Chook Chutney.

Dances were demonstrated by Jenny, flautist of NumGuts, & called by Tony & Kevin, also of Numguts, & the crowd picked them up quickly. Young & old alike took to the grassy dance floor, slowly at first but with increasing flair & vigor.  A brand new dance, designed by Mike of Zig Zag Arts, graced the park with it’s depiction of the old Zig Zag railway line.

Photographs from the evening are available to view within the main gallery.

[right: Tony performs with his band, Numguts]