Avon Descent 2010

This year’s Avon Descent started with a bang – Northam put on a fantastic fireworks display over the Avon River & the bridge into town as part of their Avon River Festival & I was lucky enough to be there.

Held in Bernard Park & Minson Avenue, Northam, the Avon River Festival involves a street parade, ice carving, sideshow alley, craft stalls, live music, rides & a spectacular display of pyrotechnics. And, hungover or not, Saturday morning is a bright & early start for the power boats & paddle craft starting the first leg of the 134km (83.3 miles) two day time trial that is the Avon Descent.  We were up at six (without hangovers or coffee, & certainly with not enough sleep) to snag our position by the starting line on the Avon River.  Lugging our camera equipment over the mostly dry, exposed rocks of the river, we watched as the powerboats hit the weir wall as they crossed into the first, 57km long, leg of the mighty Avon Descent.

The Avon Descent sends competitors racing down the white water that makes up the Avon & Swan rivers in Western Australia, from Northam in the Wheatbelt to Bayswater in Perth. First held in 1973 without rules, officials or checkpoints for 49 competitors, it has since grown to become a world renowned event with thousands of volunteers assisting & ensuring the safety of the competitors & spectators alike. They’ve also added rules & checkpoints =P

These two photos are available on my Redbubble as early release; from greeting cards to framed prints, canvases or blockmounts.  Stay tuned for the rest of the series of shots I managed to find a little time to capture during my weekend in Northam to complete my First Aid training & obtain my Senior First Aid certificate. That’s right; now not only can I make it look like you’re injured with makeup, but I can fix you (or stabilise you while waiting for the Ambos) if it’s not makeup!