These boots were made for working

Some jobs have uniform requirements.  Many have shoe restrictions & regulations.  From health & safety to appearance, this questionnaire is designed to find out not only what sorts of shoes your employers have had you wearing, but also if you’ve worn them outside work.

This is not a meme, but it is a questionaire. Answers that you submit will be used as research for my current [major] book project.  I would really appreciate it if you listed your answers to as many as possible as a comment here.

Please let me know some details about you – after all, this is for research & that’s a vital part!  Please tell me where in the world you are. For example; South Australia, Minnesota, Ireland (Cities are great too). Your age would greatly help too, even if its just an age bracket & isn’t exact (5-12, 13-17, 18-21, 22-30, 31-50, etc). Also, please let me know if you are male or female.

You may also email me instead of commenting on this page on should you wish. Please use the title of this post as your subject line if you email.

.:Work Shoes:.

1a. How many jobs (or schools) have you had with a uniform requirement or dress code?

1b. How many of those had footwear guidelines?

1c. How many had a footwear requirement?

1d. How many of them stipulated the exact shoe/boot that you had to wear?

2. Do you have one pair of work shoes per job, or do you have a variety that depends on your mood that day?

3. How do you feel about uniform restrictions on footwear?

4. Do you prefer flats or heels for work?

5. Would you agree that your shoes can make or break your job interview?  Why?

6a. Do you own a pair of steel toe boots?

6b. Have you ever had to wear steel toe boots?

7a. Do you believe Dunlop’s Steel Toe Sneaker is suitable at a work site requiring steel toe boots?

7b. Do you think they do or don’t meet Occupational Health & Safety standards & requirements?

8. What is the most restrictive footwear requirement for a uniform (work or school) that you’ve had to comply with?

9. When shopping for work shoes what elements do you consider?  ie colour, fabric, heel height, sole, style, comfort, price, etc etc.  (Please include the industry or job type that they were for.)

10. Have you ever worn your work shoes outside work?