Kalamunda’s Disco Fever!

Saturday night saw the the absolutely fabulous time warp to the feverish 70s, held by Zig Zag Community Arts. Featuring live sets by Flashback & special guests, including Songstresses Roxy & Sophie, violinist Rebecca, horns by Gerrard & Michelle, & harmonies by the Chicken Supremes, the dance floor only emptied when the band were on break & everyone was eating!

The Kalamunda Club filled with 180 disco divas, hippies & a few punks for a night of fabulous music, games & fundraisers for the upcoming Zig Zag Festival 2010. The costumes, fashions & wigs were totally far out!!

But what 70s night would be complete without that quintessential song from Saturday Night Fever? Flashback broke into the BeeGee’s reknowned Staying’ Alive & the crowd whooped in delight! But better still was the boy who stole the floor – wearing The White Suit & dancing Travolta’s famous moves was Steven Donovan. He owned the dance floor; the crowd formed a semi-circle, surrounding him & the band as they cheered him on. Certainly one of my favourite highlights from the night!! Stephen was absolutely fabulous!

For a sneak peak at the photos I took on the night, head on over to my facebook page. Feel free to tag yourself if you’re there!
There are many more photos to come & will be hosted here, at dragancaor.net