Prepping for 2011 .:Calendars:.

Scarily enough, this year is already rapidly approaching it’s end…. so I thought it was probably a very good idea to start collating photographs to go into calendars for 2011.

Calendars are a great way to have a alternating image on your wall without the hassle of moving frames & reframing…. & on top of that, they’re useful.  Where better to store reminders for upcoming birthdays, parties & events? Well, yes, there is Facebook… & Outlook or Lightning & Sunbird… but there is something special about that old-fashioned idea of writing with pen on paper & hanging it on the wall.  You don’t need the internet…. or even electricity to be able to read the data on your wall calendar.  That’s got to count for something, right? Right??

I’m wondering in all this is…  Are there any particular photos you’d really like to see in one of my calendars?  Are there any themes you’d like to see in a calendar; Cambodia, China, Western Australia, Animals, Alcohol, Food etc?  If I was to link seasons into the images in each month, should I stick to ours or link them to the Northen Hemisphere?  Or just make two with the photos in different orders?

Leave me a note, drop me an email.  These calendars are being designed to go on your wall so I’d like to make sure they’re made up of the photographs that you like.  Getting one of these on the wall in our house normally involves buying a calendar of someone else’s photos – we have enough of our photos on the wall here!!