Stirk du Soleil – Prepping for the Zig Zag Festival

The annual Zig Zag Festival is only a week away!! This year it’s Stirk du Soleil, a play on words derived from Cirque du Soliel. Still can’t quite pick it? Well… technically it’s not English so here’s a hint… the festival is held in Stirk Park & has a circus theme this year!

Now that you’ve rolled your eyes & tried to hide your smiles, how about a little sneak peak?

Ken Allen, the artist & musician of Junkadelic fame, has been running Circus Express workshops out of Headingly House & Stirk Park, Kalamunda, for kids between the ages of 8 & 18. Which, unsurprisingly, also manages to include Michael Cheffins as often as he can get away with joining in. You’ve likely seen Mike at the Kalamunda Markets, wearing his Zig Zag shirt & straw hat (& if you were really lucky, his Red Nose Day nose) while handing out information leaflets about Zig Zag Community Arts Inc & the Zig Zag Festival. Any excuse to have fun & share his contagious, mischievous smile with as many people as possible. He may, or may not, be responsible for the festival name.

Anyway. Ken & his crew have been running workshops with the local kids; building the parade float, learning traditional clowning & junkadelic music. Good, clean, carbon neutral, recycled fun. The float was an old wheelbarrow – it’s now a steam train & its tracks are made from old carpet & pipe. The fun down there is infectious & the rhythm gets into your head. They’re doing a bang up job & their show in the parade is going to be fantastic to watch!!

Meanwhile, over at the Sound Shell today, was another dress rehearsal.  Jo Bolton of the Suitcase Circus has been running a circus-in-education program with one of the local primary schools. They’ve choreographed one of their performances in conjunction with Madjitil Moorna & they will be performing together at the Sound Shell stage on the festival day with stilts, juggling, hoops, tricks & so on.
They’ll also be performing in the parade down Haynes Avenue & will be well worth checking out there too!!

So next Sunday 31st October are you going to be joining the fun & excitement over at Stirk Park, Kalamunda?
The Zig Zag Festival runs from 11am until 8pm, is FREE to enter, with three stages running all day with FREE performances by bands, national gold winning cheerleaders, a fashion show… plus there are craft & food stalls galore & a childrens’ activity area with free activities. It’s most definitely a day of fun for all ages! The parade runs from 6pm-630pm from the top of Haynes Ave back down to the Sound Shell at Stirk Park.

And for those of you that read the Kalamunda Reporter (Community Newspaper Group), Hills Gazette (Community Newspaper Group), &/or Echo News (Perth Suburban News) you’ll find one of my photographs of last year’s Caterplosion!â„¢ float coming out of Haynes Avenue printed within their pages. It’s on page 18 of the Echo News published Saturday 23rd October, page 29 of the Hills Gazette published Saturday 23rd October & page 31 of the Kalamunda Reporter published Tuesday 19th October.