Home Again Home Again, Jiggedy Jig

So it’s been a little bit quiet here on the western front… partially due to being rather snowed under with client photo processing & being away in Sydney, New South Wales, at the Elizabeth Arden Head Office for Arden Academy.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Australia, it’s on the complete opposite side of the country & is a 5 hour direct flight.

It was my first time ever on the East Coast & I had limited spare time, however I was spoilt rotten by both Elizabeth Arden & by my very good friends over there, so I had an absolutely splendid time… & got a lot of photos both work & pleasure.

As much as I want to process them all & blog about my week away, I have to get client work done first.  However, here is a snapshot from my second night there that I wanted to share quickly.

Sydney Bridge Under Troubled Skies

Taken from the 4th floor of the Harbourview Hotel in North Sydney, Monday 8th November 2010.

Because I had flown in a day early to spend Sunday with a friend, I was able to enjoy Nature’s Lightshow from my hotel room.  Sadly, a couple of others from the company were stuck circling in the air over the city while attempting to gain permission to land & being diverted.

Originally the shot was entirely washed out, thanks to the sudden & huge flash of light, so it’s not up here as a great technical shot – just as an amazing moment.

However, after this brief respite to post I’m off again to get my work done.   Christmas with Elizabeth Arden is fantastic this year (as always) with some great specials & deals, & after a week away from my counter I have a fair bit to catch up on & set up!  I’m mostly booked out with my photography too; though not yet entirely so feel free to enquire if you’re wanting to book a shoot.