SALE! & Possible Breakages…

There is a SALE! happening over at Redbubble, where I host a number of my photographs for sale as prints/cards/canvases.

Until Monday night, they have 15% off framed prints & canvases, which will show up at the checkout with nice, happy, red strike outs beside lesser, also red, numbers.
To add to temptation, if you buy four framed prints, not only do you get the 15% discount but your shipping is free!

They also have a SALE on greeting cards & postcards – if you purchase 8 cards (must be the same size but can be various images) you will receive a 20% discount. If you buy 16 cards, you will receive a 30% discount!!

I’ve added a few photos by request over the last two days, including Photos of Christmases Past, food & instruments, but let me know if you would like any particular photos or themes uploaded.

And now for the really important stuff…

I’m going to be tinkering with the code of this site over the weekend. Hopefully I wont break it, but sometimes the temptation to press the big shiny “Do Not Press” button is too great & things inevitably go boom. But if the site goes offline, or looks…. scary? broken? not-right.. then I’ve likely broken it & will be loudly berating myself while attempting to fix it.

I hope you all have fabulous weekends &, for some of you, fantastic holidays!