Shadow is really, really sick.

Any of you who have had a shoot with me at home over the years will have met my dear cat, Shadow. She’s a highly independent, demanding & much loved, nine year old [tomorrow] Russian Blue. She’s a cat who still chases a ball, & carries them around the house in her mouth, & who attacks shoe laces if she doesn’t want you to leave. She hides behind curtains (& studio backdrops) to pounce people, & is loved by everyone that has had the pleasure of meeting her.

Shadow's favourite place This morning I got out of bed at 5am & Shadow was sitting on the bathroom mat & refused to move, which is unlike her. Normally she’d bolt out to pretend as thought she was never there. If she could wave her paw & use the force on me I’m sure she would.
But then at 10am she was curled up on my PC tower, jumped down & attempted to walk to the bathroom but couldn’t. She was wobbly & kept stumbling to the right & trying to correct to the left. She crashed into the fridge twice before managing to stumble past it to her bowl.

So I freaked & rang her vet, Bayswater Vet Clinic, who told me to call the Emergency Vet in Osborne Park. They suggested not to go to Murdoch unless I had no other choice. Though we live closer to Murdoch, they wanted me to have access to the specialists at PVE. So I called the Perth Vet Emergency & they said bring her straight in. She didn’t struggle being picked up from where she was curled up in a puddle on the floor of the shower. Or while I towel dried her. She went floppy. Shadow. Went floppy & apathetic. Those of you that have met the psychotic Destroyer of Rooms & Interrupter of Shoots will know how scarily out of character that is.

$230 later, the ER Vet said she possibly had a seizure overnight; she’s got what appears to be some neurological issues with her walking. They suggested a few possibilities. Kidney & Liver disorders were also listed, as was snake bite (which was ruled out upon informing them she’s an inside cat). But they aren’t sure.

She’s got blood in diarrhea, is not wanting to stand up, is lethargic & apathetic, has issue walking straight (less issue than earlier, thankfully), is severely dehydrated & has lost about 10% of her body mass overnight. They injected fluids under her skin that will absorb into her bloodstream gradually & I’m to monitor her today & tomorrow, making sure she drinks lots of water constantly & she’s to have nothing but bland roo meat for the next few days until she’s allowed her normal diet. If she gets worse, or the diarrhea continues, I’m to take her back to emergency, otherwise call her normal vet on Monday & give him updates & go from there. She’s curled up beside me, sulking & getting cuddles. I’ve taken her to the water bowl twice & the last time I was required to lift her back onto her spot on my tower. Highly proud, independent cat asking for assistance = very sick kitty.

Work told me I could have today off to take her to the vet & look after her. My supervisor said that it wasn’t an issue & to worry about Shadow not work. I’d originally called to ask if I could arrive late, after I returned from the vet. You can’t fathom just how much I love my workplace & co-workers.

My apologies to those of you I was meant to see this weekend, & to my cancelled appointments. I hope you can understand & forgive me for dropping everything to look after her.