Leisure Shirt…. & Stickers!!

By now, many of you know about my Shoe Project.  Let’s face it; meeting me & not knowing about it within moments is pretty difficult.  Even strangers on the street with shoes that catch my eye find out about it very quickly as I ask them to pose their clad feet for a photo.

Anyway.  There’s a photo from this project that has very fast overtaken every other photograph I’ve taken so far as my hands down favourite.  The three pairs of thongs & piles of brightly coloured leis.  Apparently it isn’t just my favourite.  People have begged me to make it available as a matted/framed print, on canvas & as greeting cards…. & today I took it a step further.

It’s now available as tshirts, hoodies & stickers!

Yes.  I’m excited about it.  Aren’t you?

It took me hours to get the edges done & be happy with them.  I’ve spent most of this afternoon & night working on it.  But it’s finished!!  And available!!  And because it’s on Redbubble you can get free postage if you order four – so if you get a group of your mates together you can save yourselves some cash!

Personally, I think it looks best on purple.  But the fig green is pretty awesome too.  As are both the blues (though I think I prefer the pale one best).  Choices!!  I might possibly end up with four just for me in different colours.  Why not?

After all, I do it with shoes.