Indoor Outdoors – 03. The Beginnings

Back at Dave’s, we opened up the sliding doors into his dining room.  He’d already moved the dining table & side tables out of the room in preparation.  We rolled out the underlay, but not without having a little fun.  After all, we’re not only laying plastic grass inside the house, but we’re doing so over the top of his rather lovely floorboards.

Every Aussie knows the amazing comfort found in a lawn of well kept buffalo grass.  Dave wanted no less, so the underlay was just as important as the turf itself.

Rolling out the turf was amusing.  We could really see the room taking shape.  It was no longer just words, or the mad plans of a drunken night.  It was becoming… real.

And once it was down, we got to laugh at the edging.  With the underlay doubled over due to overlap, it was so very obvious at the doorway.  And the sight of it against the marble tiles was hilarious.

Dave grabbed his shiny new stanley knife.  Getting it out of the packaging was a DIY task in itself.  Or rather, getting the knife out of the packet without a knife to open it was.  The designer was about as sadistic as the person who put the ‘S’ in ‘lisp’.

With the turf down, Marvin strolled in looking his usual casual self.  From the slippery tiles to the rough turf, his walk changed – his tail straightened.  His ears faced straight forwards.  Seeing leftover wrap, he pounced, making the most of a perfect launch.

It is important to note at this point that Marvin is an indoor cat.  He does not stalk birds across suburban lawns.  He does not climb trees.  Marvin instead stalks various toys across marble, & climbs legs.  Yes, really.  Thick denim jeans do not save your thighs.  But you could tell that he missed the carpeted lounge room of their old house.  Suddenly, this cat had grip under his claws again.  He was thrilled.

Buoyed by Marvin’s high spirits, Dave & I just got silly.  We played with Marvin for a while; letting him stalk string.  The silliness could only continue from there; I took a couple of the shoe shots I am increasingly known for, followed by getting out my 10mm fisheye lens.

Now, I love this lens.  It has 180 degrees of view.  Normally I use it for real estate interiors or travel shots (like the Great Wall of China or the temples in Cambodia), however I figured it would make it possible to take a photo of us together in our evil design.  I’m too little to turn my normal lenses back in the same manner.

I took one last shot of the room with the turf down, to muck about with furniture design ideas later.

Then we closed the doors on our secret garden.


Note: Many thanks & much love to Rachel for the majority of the image titles. Not sure what I mean? Hover your cursor over the images.