.:Shoe Project:. Thongs Questionnaire!

I’m almost up to my ears in research for this book, but here’s a little more that I’m still needing to source.  It would be wonderful if you could comment on this post with your answers to the below questionnaire, or (if you’d like to keep your answers private) email me ( shoes at dragancaor dot net ) & put the title of this post as the subject line.  Please let me know your age & the country you live in – after all, this is for research & that’s a vital part!

This is a questionnaire about thongs.  To save on confusion, I’ve included a photo of the type of Thong I am referring to. [winks]

  1. How old were you when you got your first pair of thongs?
  2. How many pairs do you currently own?
  3. What is the most you’ve ever owned at once?
  4. How often do you wear them?
  5. Where are you most likely to wear them?
  6. What is the average price you pay for a pair?
  7. What is the most you would pay?
  8. What is your cheapest pair & how much were they?
  9. Where do you normally buy them?
  10. Have you ever owned or would you consider wearing/owning a pair of “Woolies Blues” (those good old cheap blue & white ones they’ve always sold in Woolworths supermarkets)?
  11. What do you call thongs?
  12. Where do you live? (City/Town, & Country)
  13. How old are you?
  14. What’s your favourite &/or most hated memory of/in a pair of thongs?

Edited to fix confusion in questions 10 & 11. Also to add in an age question (as requested in the paragraph above, but not originally included in the questionnaire).