Companion Through Time

This morning I lost my best friend to cancer.  He couldn’t talk to me about it.  He didn’t often complain at all, but he would sit with me &, towards the end would, cry softly – & yet never ask for a thing.  He was always there for me first.  Never himself.  He always sat beside me, or rested his head on my shoulder or lap, & never judged me while I cried or poured my heart & soul out to him.  He just listened.  Always.

He was my best friend. My brother.  My protector.  My confidant.  My companion.

My dog.

I can still remember the day that Greg & I went & picked him up as a puppy.  He was the dojo dog.  My beautiful black ninja.  He would get so excited & yodel from the backseat whenever I took him back there with me to training.  My big, part feral, cat taught him everything he knew about how to act.  That a barrel chested staffy pit bull cross could walk along the ridge capping of a super 6 fence was testament to that cat’s ability to teach.  He could clear a 7′ fence with a standing jump.  Yet when he got up on top of the dining table, he cried out for help due to not knowing how to get back down.

He was with me through all of the hell that was year 11 & 12.  He sat with me while I studied for my TEE.  He stayed up late into the night watching the latest Star Trek releases.  And the classics.  He was with me as I prepared before my wedding & was part of my photos.  He’d have walked me down the aisle with my Dad if it wasn’t for those ridiculous laws the Australian Government brought in against his breed.  He was fiercely loyal & protective.  He’d put himself in between me & any perceived danger.

Rest in Peace, Ozzie.  My faithful companion.  Thank you for your time & for all the wonderful memories.

February 1998 – October 2011.