Wind Rush

December was crazy – extra hours at work, late night shifts, Christmas shopping, packing, moving house…. Yes.  Moving house.  In December.  Such timing!!  Oh so very worth it though….


This is the view from the top of the house driveway.  That large shed you see is my workshop.  It has a large storeroom, chalkboards, record player…. I’ll probably spend a fair amount of time down there.  Especially if the Outlaws really do give me that old Valiant to restore.  For now though, the plan is to use it for set building, messier makeups & spfx prosthetic making,  & occasionally as a set itself.

The house is on a 4.5 acre property, & is set into the side of a hill, entirely on stilts, overlooking the valley.  The front of the house is up 3 or 4 steps, while the back is just over a storey off the ground.  The view is divine.  We’re right in the treetops, with a balcony deck that runs the length of the back of the house.  Even the kitchen sink has a view to die for!!  Not that it’s used too much – the dishwasher is brilliant.

Keeping in the kitchen, it’s gas cooking with a well spaced out stovetop that fits large fry pans.  Hurrah!  On top of that, there’s a walk in pantry.  Yes, Walk-in.  It’s huge!  All three of us fit in there at once, with room to move…. & it has it’s own light.  You can close the double sliding doors, but we tend to leave it open.

There are four massive bedrooms, open plan living (kitchen, family & dining), formal lounge, games room, two bathrooms, laundry & a study.  Those are the official rooms.  Personally I think the walk in robe in the Master Bedroom should be counted as a room – it’s the size of my kitchen at the Yokine villa!!  Really!  Carrie Bradshaw would be impressed.

Walk in Robe, Master Suite

That’s one of the first photos I took in the house, from my iphone… I’d take a newer one but it’s a mess right now.  There aren’t enough hangers & there are bags & suitcases strewn about.  You’ll not be surprised to know that the first things to go in there were my shoes.  My tartan mary jane pumps have pride of place in the first alcove on the left.  To the right of the wardrobe is a full length built in mirror, & to the right of that, the ensuite bathroom.  Which has a really nice amount of bench space, cupboards & drawers.

We’ve set up the Music Room, though the piano seriously needs tuning after the adventure that was moving it here.  The keys lid is currently locked to remove temptation.  The gravel section of the drive was the easy part.  Speakers & amps in the built in robes, guitars tucked to the side, sofa bed below the window & woodwinds on the shelves.  Clockwork Autumn are jamming again, & it’s rather comfy in there when we do.

I might leave off with the long winded, wordy story & just tell you in pictures.  These are a mixture of the iphone, pentax & nikon.  Really, it’s just what I have to hand at the time.

View from the deck outside the family room.

Looking out the glass ‘wall’ of the Master Suite

The driveway to one of the sheds (mine), looking up at the back of the house

Shadow rather enjoys sleeping against the glass wall of the Master Suite.  With that view though, you can’t blame her.

So far that lawn has had a tent & a bouncy castle on it.

Doesn’t really give you an idea of size…. currently there is a sofa chair, table & dining chairs, long bench & church pew on that deck.  With room to spare.

View from the centre of the deck.

It wouldn’t be right, not showing you some of the local inhabitants.  I don’t have photos of the Western Red Kangaroos yet… but they aren’t the only ones here.  & no, Mum, there are no photos of snakes.

Jewel Spider.  She’s tiny – about the size of my pinky finger nail – & has her web beside the house gate.  I had to move the web twice, as she had it across the gate, but she got the idea & rebuilt alongside instead.

We named her Kaylee.

This group of Magpies came up to see us one morning.  Very social little group, with a couple of very inquisitive juveniles.

Very inquisitive =)

Juvenile Monitor Lizard, grabbing the last of the morning sunlight.

Garden Orb Weaving Spider, 8 or 9 feet above the ground, over the house gate.  She’s huge, as the next shot of her will show.

For an idea of size, that is the carport behind her.  Shelob only came out at night, so my only photos of her are with flash & torchlight.  Sadly, we haven’t seen her since the huge windstorm the other night.