.:Shoe Project:. Anecdotes

So, this book that I’m doing on what shoes say about a person & what drives a person’s shoe choice…. There’s more than one way to take part. You can model, fill out a questionnaire or three, or you can submit anecdotes. Or all of the above.

Anecdotes can be anything really.  It could be a memory about shoe shopping, something that happened while or because of wearing a particular pair, walking in broken heels, reactions, suggestions from experience, etc.

Think about your favourite pair of shoes.  The ones that you wear all the time, or possibly the ones you wear only on very special occasion so that you don’t ruin them.
I’d love to know why you picked out ___ as your favourite & what it is that makes them that for you.

Please let me know some details about you – after all, this is for research & that’s a vital part!  Please tell me where in the world you are. For example; South Australia, Minnesota, Ireland (Cities are great too). Your age would greatly help too, even if its just an age bracket & isn’t exact (5-12, 13-17, 18-21, 22-30, 31-50, etc). Also, please let me know if you are male or female.




shoe project

My 12 hole, black Doc Martins. I’ve had them since I was 16… so they’re 15 years old & really starting to show it. The leather is nearly worn through in a few places, I very rarely lace them closed & I wear them nearly everywhere.

The laces are two pairs of fluorescent rainbow with metallic flecks throughout; one pair in each boot, tied together at the toe. The free ends are then tied to the top eyelet so that I can wear the boots unlaced without fear of tripping on unrestrained laces. When I lace them closed I bow them, creating double loops with no hanging ends.

But I love them. They are still my comfiest pair of shoes, survived my TEE & numerous camping trips, & are quick to grab & pull on & stay on.

I thought I lost them recently with an emergency house move.  I was devastated, & my best mate took me out to buy a new pair.  It wasn’t the same.  They were stiff & in need of breaking in, were unscuffed, & just felt…. new.  Finally unpacking this week (yes!  I have a home again now!  woo!), I found them at the bottom of a box… & hugged them.  Much to the amusement of the people nearby.  Ten minutes later, maybe slightly longer, they were put pride of place on a shelf where I can see them & still easily grab them down to wear.


A girl I went to school with had a shoe… fetish? Not really a fetish… more of an addiction. She could not walk past a shoe store with the word ‘Sale’ on display. She’d have to go in & would more than likely find a pair that she wanted in her size & would buy them.


My mother & her best friend went to Beijing again early in 2008 & on their first day bought 24 pairs of shoes & 12 handbags.  Really.  Since then, they keep count to see if they can beat it. They have a saying, which is likely going to be on the front page, “If the shoe fits… buy it in every colour.”