.:Shoe Project:. Converse “Chucks” Questionnaire!



Lately it seems almost everyone I know has at least one pair of “Chucks” or a fake.

I still have my first pair of One Stars that my dad bought me for my 14th birthday (a long time ago) because the shop stuffed up & ordered them instead of the All Stars I’d wanted. I still have them…. worn almost to death & loved nearly into pieces. However now I also have 2 legit Chucks, 3 genuine fakes, & 1 pair of lookalikes. I also have a belt buckle in the shape of a red Chuck boot & pair of undies that have a pair of blue Chucks printed on the back.

Since writing this questionnaire for livejournal originally, I’ve increased my collection.  Quite substantially… & it now includes a pair of knee high chucks in black with bright white laces.

[shifty eyes]

“The point?” you ask. I’m getting to it.

For my shoes book (you’ve read about it here before & no doubt on LJ as well, you’ve heard it talked about or possibly been at shoots for it) it’s starting to look like the good old Converse Chuck Taylor All Star (or “Chuck” for short) are going to take up a chapter all to themselves. Now, believe me, I don’t mind that at all… but I figured if there’s going to be a chapter on them, then I want serious amounts of words strewn in there amongst them too.

So tell me if you will…

1. How many pairs of Chucks do you have?

2. When (what year) did you get your first pair?

3. Why did you buy a pair of Chucks?

4. What types/colours of Chucks do you have?

5. Are the majority of your Chucks in good condition, medium condition or dying?

6. Do you go to the same shop for your Chucks? Is it standard retail, Converse shop, Converse factory outlet, market, market overseas, online or other (please specify)?

7. Do you like them for the brand & model or are you in love with the shape & don’t care if they are copies?

8. Is there a pair of Chucks you’ve seen somewhere & really want them but haven’t gotten them yet?

9. How often do you wear them?

10. Have you edited any of your Chucks? What have you done to them?

11. Do you keep them neatly, stuff them in the corner or leave them where they fall when you take them off?

12. What is the worst that has happened to your Chucks?

13. What is the best thing about your Chucks?

14. Would you have to be forced to admit a pair are dead & could you throw them away without issue?

15. What are the favourite pair of Chucks you own?

Please let me know some details about you – after all, this is for research & that’s a vital part!  Please tell me where in the world you are. For example; South Australia, Minnesota, Ireland (Cities are great too). Your age would greatly help too, even if its just an age bracket & isn’t exact (5-12, 13-17, 18-21, 22-30, 31-50, etc). Also, please let me know if you are male or female.

In addition to this, if you live in Perth, Western Australia (or near enough that you can travel here) I’d love to photograph you in/with your Chucks.

Pass the link to this questionnaire around to your friends & anyone else you know who might be interested in taking part. The more answers, from the most diverse range possible, the better!