What Q’s do you F get A’d?

I thought it was high time that I got around to creating a FAQ.

Originally I was only going to put it on my Facebook Page, but I decided it was probably a very useful thing to add here so that I never lose it.  Especially considering how often Facebook alter things & remove content that was once useful – such as the ratings & feedback tabs which disappeared one night taking their content into the deep dark unknown of cyberspace.

If you have a question about my business that isn’t covered here, please ask me & I’ll not only answer it but will also edit the post (here & on Facebook) to add it.


Q:  How much do you charge?

A:  My prices vary on what you need doing!  I’m not just a photographer, I’m also a makeup artist – & both are mutually exclusive! Up to date prices you can find  here – click on the image for the service you want to book & most (if not all) the details will be there.
Alternatively you can click these direct links to  Weddings, Events, Studio, TARDIS, & Makeup pages.

If you have something specific in mind that isn’t covered there, email me & ask for a quote!


Q:  Will you do my makeup for a shoot with another photographer?

A:  Of course!!


Q:  Can you do my wedding photography & the makeup for the bridal party?

There are two answers to this.

A1:  Yes, *IF* I am only photographing your ceremony onwards.

A2:  If you want me to photograph during the Bride’s getting ready, then the answer is No.  It’s not possible as I do not have the ability to be in two places at once.  Even if I was to use the TARDIS, I’d still have to cross my own timeline & take a photograph of myself doing your makeup…. & the paradoxes that would cause are HUGE.  Bad thing.  However, I have a list of makeup artists that I will happily recommend to you to use in this case.


Q:  Can you make me into a zombie?

A: I can make you look like a zombie, using makeup.  I wont turn you actually into one.  Because ethics.


Q:  Do you have a studio?

Yes.  It’s north of the river, not far from Reid Hwy & the Mitchell Fwy.  There isn’t a nearby train station, but there are buses.  There is also street parking (it’s a quiet, suburban street).  You can see it by clicking here.


Q:  Can I have a different makeup artist do my makeup &/or hair for a shoot with you?

A:  Of course!!


Q:  I don’t live in Perth, will you travel to me?

A:  Happily!

I travel to Balingup every year to photograph their Medieval Carnivale & I’ve been booked for international & interstate weddings before.  If you want to look like your Draenei Shaman for BlizzCon & you want me to do your makeup & prosthetics for it, don’t let the fact that I live in Perth stop you getting your wish!!

What’s the catch?  You are responsible for my travel costs (& accommodation if necessary) as well as the cost of the makeup &/or photography you’d like done.


Q:  Do you have vegan makeup products?

A:  Yes.  If you are vegan I will use vegan products & applicators for your makeup.


Q:  Will you shoot my band/wedding/event/fashion label for free?

A:  No.  This is a business.  I have bills to pay, same as you.  Up to date prices you can find on my website here.  Click on the image for the service you want to book & most (if not all) the details will be there.


Q:  Will you shoot TF P/CD?

A:  Yes – on occasion, when it is beneficial to everyone involved.


Q:  What does TF P/CD mean?

A:  It’s an industry acronym/term used to mean “Time for print” or “Trade for print”.  Alternatively, “Time/Trade for Compact Disc” – meaning images on CD/DVD.  Essentially it means that no money is exchanged, & everyone involved trades their services, similar to a Barter system.


Q:  Can I use your photo for ____ ?

A:  If you want to use one of my photographs for something, you will need to purchase a license for its use.  This could be Editorial or Commercial, & could be exclusive or non-exclusive & will have a set duration.  Once your license expires, you may choose to either renew it or stop using the image.


Q:  I want to model for you but I don’t have any ideas for shoots, what could we do?

A:  Here are my current major projects.


Q:  Will you pay me to partake in one of your projects?

A:  No.  The Shoe Project, Geeks & Gamers Series, Project “Revealed”… they’re all unpaid – I’m unpaid, you’re unpaid.

These projects are my passion, & sadly passion doesn’t pay bills.  The more time I spend doing them, the less time I have for shoots that generate income & put food on the table.  If you are modelling for these you need to be willing to donate your time (as I am) for the cause.  Makeup & styling is provided, as is art direction &, in some cases, props & location permits – which means I’m almost always out of pocket on these shoots (sometimes quite a lot), using the end goal as justification!

Please do not argue that your time & experience is valuable.  I have no doubt it is.  However, plenty of people have already donated their time, experience & services for these projects – if you do not want to be among them, that’s to your discretion.  No amount of arguing that you’re better than free is going to get you paid for taking part in these.  It will only put your name on a list of people I do not want to work with & you will miss out on the opportunity of being offered paid work from me.


Q:  Do you pay models?

A:  Yes. Sometimes I pay the Model, sometimes the Client booking the shoot pays the Model.
However, if you have booked me, then you classify as the Client regardless of being the model as well – which means payment is by you, not to you.


Q: I have something technical/detailed to cover, what are the planning stages to make sure my idea gets across?

A:  First off, email me.  Let me know what you need me to do, your deadline, an overview of what you want to get as an end result & how many people are involved.  You can keep it impersonal & bullet point it, or you can write me an essay or long winded letter in Shakespearean – I don’t mind!

ie:  Photography. Private event (challenge) in the middle of the Goldfields, roughly 150 people, Labour Day weekend.
ie:  Makeup. Perth ComicCon March 2014, Poison Ivy makeup (full body), just me.


Q:  Will you print someone else’ photograph for me & frame it?

A:  No.  Ethics & copyright prohibit this.  Speak to the person/company who took the photograph instead.


Q:  How can I pay you?

A:  I accept cash, money order, PayPal & direct deposit.  In some cases I accept Cheque.

If for any reason your payment should be dishonoured any bank fees incurred will be added to your Accounts Owing.


Q:  Can I have the RAW files from our shoot?

A:  No.  I take pride in my work & I have a particular way to post process my images.  In fact, that’s most likely why you’re wanting to hire me in the first place!!   It is possible to purchase a disc of high resolution JPGs, in addition to the ones included in your package however.


Q:  What is the difference between high resolution JPGs & RAW files?

A:  JPGs are images that have been through post processing & are viewable on your computer screen, tablet, smart phone, or digital photo frame.  RAW files are essentially the digital negative – the file extension differs between camera & you require special software in order to view them.  Another difference is the file size – RAW files are HUGE!  I can easily fill three or four 32GB  memory cards at an event – that’s anywhere between 94GB & 128GB.


Q:  What is the difference between Web Resolution JPGs & High Resolution JPGs?

A:  A JPG I’ve optimised for use on websites has a resolution of 700 pixels at the longest edge & has 72 dots per inch (DPI).  These load fast & look great on screens, including many digital photo frames.  This optimization is currently the least affected by Facebook’s compression algorithms too.  Win win.
They’re less than 1MB in size & are easy to email.

High resolution photographs are used for printing.  These are the largest size output by the camera (it differs between camera models & makes) & are optimised for printing.  Normally these are set to 240DPI, however some magazines & newspapers require 300DPI on occasion, & it is available for them on request.   These are not possible to email as they are between 8MB & 16MB per image – they will be caught in the filters of email servers & are rejected or lost to the deep dark abysses within cyberspace.


Q:  How much could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

A:  A woodchuck would chuck all the wood it could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.