.:Review:. Concrete Minerals – Purchase & Postage

This may be the first review I’ve ever struggled to write.  To be honest, I’m not sure where I want to start.

I bought Concrete Minerals’ products to fill a void in my kit of brightly coloured yet still vegan makeup.  I have vegan brushes, cleansers (Akin Alchemy), & a couple of neutral shades of shadow, but those vivacious brights that really pop in photoshoots have sadly failed at being vegan.  A friend in NSW was telling me about her favourite shade of purple – it came in the most amazing tin & she loved it & feared running out of it…. & it was from a company who make almost entirely vegan products (I believe there are 4 products of their 90+ that aren’t vegan).

We looked on Beserk at what they had, & I wanted a bit more information.  So I went straight to the CM website.  There, I found they have specials for bloggers & they have a set of everything for a rather dramatic discount.  ALL OF THE THINGS!!  So instead of purchasing a single tin of 6 eyeshadows & a primer from Beserk at the same time as my Sugarpill palette order, I ordered everything in a set direct from CM.

That was a mistake.

The CM website states 3-4 business days for dispatch.  In the descriptive text of the package I was purchasing, they said it could take up to 5-7 business days.  While I was waiting for my dispatch, the CM staff altered their website, instagram & facebook to claim 2-3 business day turnarounds for dispatch.   So how long did mine take?  It took them 14 business days to dispatch my purchase.  I’m talking dispatch from their warehouse to the postal service.  Not arriving to me.  It took them 14 business days after receiving my payment, to get my purchase off their shelves & out their door.

Honestly, I cannot fathom why it is so difficult for them to either be truthful about their dispatch or to keep to their word.  If you take 14 business days to get your shit together, say that.  Don’t make false claims of 3-7 business days.  I can receive large orders from other businesses in Los Angeles & even London to my door in 6 business days, while CM failed to even dispatch my order in that time.

I started searching harder for reviews of Concrete Minerals.  Not just the ones of those well known bloggers, but the ones buried in the depths of forums & wall posts to their facebook page.  There were lots of complaints along the lines of, “where is my purchase?” & “It’s been a month, why haven’t I got it yet?” & posts asking for other people’s experiences.

Eventually, it was in the hands of USPS.  Amusingly, according to tracking, it is STILL in the hands of USPS.  Really.  The tracking has not updated since it left Los Angeles.  Good thing I’m honest.

Meanwhile, I was watching the date that I was not going to be in Perth rapidly approaching.  We even put our travel plans back a bit, just in case.  Instead of a week of roadtrip sightseeing with my camera, taking the long way to Balingup, we had one day to spare around Capel & Donneybrook.  Because I naively ordered something in July, believing the company’s postal guarantees & all those great experiences by the big name bloggers, & expected it to arrive long before the end of August.

Saturday morning, on the way to Carnivale, we received a text from our amazingly wonderful next door neighbour.  She’d found a package left outside our house, & thought she would bring it in from the rain.  You read that right.  Whatever postal service USPS handed it to in Australia, left my package in plain sight & exposed to weather on Friday.  So the only reason I came home to my purchase on Tuesday night, was because we have one of the best neighbours in the entirety of the universe.

I opened my package on Tuesday night, it’s missing 6 colours.

I should have received 55 mineral pots, 14 matte pots, 14 lip tints, 2 collector tins (6 mineral pots in each), & the eye primer.  Of the mineral pots, I only received 49.  They aren’t backordered; not only does the invoice not mention a backorder, but my dispatch notification email states “All of the items from order #___ have now been shipped.”  Even the shipping information & customs declaration on the box states 69 mineral eyeshadows (55 mineral, 14 matte).  Customs did not open the box, & I was definitely the first to open it, so where are they?

The most interesting part of this, is that all of the review bloggers say they always receive sample presents in their CM orders.  The CM facebook & instagrams claim this is the case too, to spoil their customers.  I neglected to mention in my order that I have a blog & a following, nor did I mention that I run a business.  I just wanted to be a customer…. & in my package I received a “how to use mineral makeup” flier, the invoice/receipt & an incomplete order.

Sure, they drew a love heart in pink marker pen across my invoice with a thank you* & a smiley face.  That was sweet & I was made slightly happier.  But it most certainly doesn’t make up for 6 missing products.

I’m about to fire off an email to them asking where my missing products are, & knowing me I’ll very likely let them know how unimpressed I’ve been with their “service” to date.  I’m going to ask them to ensure that they do not take as long to dispatch the missing items as they did the order in the first place.  It’s only 6 colours – surely they can do that within their claimed 2-3 business days.  I’m aware it’s Friday already.  It’s my busiest time of year, I have upwards of 7,000 photos to process from Carnivale as well as shoots & makeups booked in… on top of everything else.  Plus I was angry.  If I’d written it on Tuesday, I’d have sounded like Hulk.  RAWR!  SMASH!  At least now I’ve calmed down enough to use sentence case & socially acceptable wording.

Oh.  That Sugarpill order mentioned that I put through at Beserk?  Two business days later it was in my hands, not only with my complete order but also with a candy thrown in.  Any top ups I do of these CM colours will be very likely going through Beserk, because they at least know how to meet their guarantees & do so.  Not because of the candy, but because Beserk can get my order into my hands faster than Concrete Minerals can put it in a box to prepare to send.  I don’t mind paying extra for good customer service.

I’ll post again later with an update on the missing products, Concrete Minerals’ response & how the product actually performs.


NB – I sent the email to concrete prior to publishing this post.  I was quite surprised at how civil I sounded.   Apparently I’m growing up.
So now we wait.
While I break out my crayons & try to believe I’m not old.

* For those who don’t already know, my name is Tegan Gillian – I use my middle name instead of my first.  Which is why the thank you on my invoice is to Tegan.  Yes, my [geeky] folks named me for the Doctor Who companion who had just accidentally stowed away in the same model TARDIS that currently resides in my garage…   amusing huh? =P