Dastardly Plans

“Big things are in the works.”

“Dastardly Plans”

These are all things you’ve probably read if you’ve been watching my Facebook pages of late.  Broad, generalised statements that are so very ambiguous they are almost criminal.

Admittedly, the dastardly plans were nothing more sinister than secretly cutting most of my hair off.  Amber did her normal, fantastic job & I walked out of their salon feeling a million dollars & a whole lot more like myself.  It’s been a very difficult year (especially in regard to my health), & it’s amazing how something as simple as a bit of self-indulgence can make all those hurdles seem conquerable.

But the “Big Things”?

That’s a whole other story.

Welcome to Dragancaor Creative.

Dragancaor Creative!


I’ve had the dragancaor.net domain address since 2005.

One of my [many] nicknames at the time was Draganin (little dragon), thanks to a long running D&D campaign that I kept looming a Red Dragon over the players.  Dragancaor is a Gaelic mash together – Dragan “dragon” & Caor “berry,” the latter of which is my surname.

The plan all along since launching my lifelong hobby into a business back in 2006, was to call it Dragancaor.  But things kept happening, changing, moving along & time slipped away.  So I’ve been trading under my own name for the past 7 years, all the while hanging onto the domain & my intention to register the name.

Website, circa 2005. All manually coded within notepad.
HTML, CSS & iframes.
Images were drawn by me, using Gimp & a wacom tablet on linux. It wasn’t meant to be professional, just fun & silly (with purposeful, cringe-worthy ‘typos’). It wasn’t solely for my photos, it was also the portal to the Dungeons & Dragons campaign I ran at the time.

In 2009, I added make up artistry to the business.  Suddenly, what everyone looked at as my name was far more than a mouthful.  I was getting known & shared around as, “Gillian B Photography & Makeup Artistry.”  It was the sort of overstuffed mouthful your parents told you off for at the dinner table.   It had to go.  But to what?

The dynamic had changed.  People knew me as Gillian B, not Dragancaor.  I had a client base to consider. Suddenly there was a question; should I register the business as Gillian B something or should I keep Dragancaor?  Plans were all well & good, but would my deranged logic confuse people?  I had plenty of my Gillian B business cards left.  I had time to think about it.

Dug out from the depths of my Lowepro bag & scanned so that all of you on the internet can see my wonderful business cards.
Classification; critically endangered.
You can tell I’m a Scot. Business name change can wait until the cards run out… but the phone number alteration invokes a Sharpie….

Time passed.  The cards dwindled, but not too fast.  A lot of my business is word of mouth & sponsorship, so it wasn’t until this year that I got to the point of replenishment.  I threw the idea of registering my originally planned name to a couple of friends.  We bounced ideas back & forth, & nothing was sitting quite right.  My logo is a dragon, a camera lens & paint splatter – me, my camera & my makeup.  But then a friend in the US turned to me & suggested adding ‘Creative’ to the end to tie in all things from photography to makeup, special effects & moulage…. with room to breathe.

So what has changed?

I still shoot events, weddings, portraits, pets, commercial clients, & shoes.  I still have projects, exhibitions & books that I’m working on that I’d love people to get on board with.  I still have my photographs used by newspapers, magazines, & in various forms of advertising.

I still do makeup for special occasions, weddings, photo shoots, theatre, film & fun.  I still do casualty moulage for training exercises, including within the State Emergency Service.

The only thing that has changed, is that I’m now trading under the name I’ve been planning to all along.

… & I need to order new stationery.