Lost Toy Emu, Kalamunda

Many of you may have seen Sharlene the Emu pop up in my photos before.

She’s missing & we’re really hoping that whomever currently has her will read this & bring her home.  We’ll even come & collect her – we don’t mind!  We just want her back.

To any of you who were out at Stirk Park, Kalamunda on Tuesday night (New Year’s Eve 2013-14) & potentially ended up with our plush Emu – please contact us!  We took her with us for New Years, she photo-bombed some of the photos of the Black Chooks & Numguts bringing in a slightly early midnight with Tom the Piper & Dave & Liz Rivett…. & that was the last we saw her.  She never made it to our next event in Northbridge Piazza & the real midnight.

She has been travelling with us around Western Australia for the past 7 months.  To lose her, especially so close to home, is devastating.

My better half bought her for me up in Nambung National Park on a roadtrip in June 2013.  I saw her & we both knew we had to have her.  There wasn’t even a question, it was just done.  We popped her up on the dash, & there were a few jokes before suddenly she was photo-bombing our photos of the Pinnacles.

Heading home at the end of that weekend trip, she was on the dash again.  An emu ran out onto the road in front of us, changed direction at the last minute & ran off… & we avoided hitting it.  We joked that she should come on all our roadtrips.

So she did.

& the photo-bombing continued, with her acquiring her very own hashtag for instagram.

On our most recent trip south, it was found that she could have her own little ‘seat’ of sorts on the back of the larger lowepro backpack.  It made her so very much easier to take to locations for her expected photo-bomb.  “We’re in Busselton.  Our emu showed you so.”

She’s a part of us.  A little thing we do that is our relationship.  We travel a fair amount for work & other commitments, & she’s right there with us.  Two grown ups with a stuffed emu, large black cameras & a whole pile of wonton silliness.  When we’re home, she sits on my bush hat beside the digital photo frame of all of our travel shots.

She’s inspired other people.  Relatives visiting from overseas bought a pink koala to take home, to be Sharlene’s photo penpal – documenting trips in a less than standard way.  (Emma & James have informed us that Ned the Koala has been crying all night at the loss of his soulmate.)

This evening we have spammed facebook & instagram with photos & requests for information as to her whereabouts.  It may sound silly to some of you, as she’s a soft toy, but to us she’s special.  It’s something we have that is just us & is about us.

My father received a message late yesterday afternoon of, “… picked it up and put it on the barbeque near the steps. Wish I’d known it was yours!” & rushed down to Stirk Park to see if she was still there.  She wasn’t.  But we now know that around 9pm, she was at the Headingly Road end of Stirk Park.

Last seen after the New Years Eve Bush Dance in Stirk Park, Kalamunda, at 9pm near the steps to Headingly Road.

Please.  If you saw her & picked her up, let us know.  If you happen to have her with you, let us know!  You can phone me on 0478 617 037, or email me, or you can leave a comment below, or even let me know on Facebook.

Help us pass the message.  Share this, especially if you’re up in the Perth Hills area or if you know people who are.  Help us get our silly little plush emu back.

We’re holding on to hope.


Sharlene the Emu is back home with us, thanks to the wonderful community efforts of the Perth Hills!