Perth Photography Studio

I thought I would show you my setup.

It’s pretty simple.  It’s not a huge warehouse full of negative space, but it’s set up in a way that is nice & modular.  Like my sofa.  Modular is cool.  [snerk]  I have a Tetris Studio.

Dragancaor Creative Studio

The main wall has a 3m wide backdrop.  The photo above shows the black backdrop, however I have a choice of black, grey, white, maroon, purple, [bright] blue, red, orange, pink, & one that is orange with brown speckles.

Behind the backdrop is the shelving that holds the other backdrop rolls, & a mixture of props & costumes.

To the left of the door, is my makeup station.
Nope, those are not tool boxes.  Well, they are toolboxes, but they’re the tools of a different trade.   I don’t use any one particular brand, I have many & use products that suit my work best & the models’ & clients’ faces best.  But for those who feel they need to know, some of them are: Sugar Pill, Elizabeth Arden, Chanel, Napoleon, Concrete Minerals, MAC, Chi Chi, Masquerade, Revlon & Kryolan.

eyeshadow drawers dragancaor creative

concrete minerals dragancaor creative

spfx makeup dragancaor creative


Not quite as modular as the rest of the studio parts, as she is a sexy yet exceptionally heavy beast, is my TARDIS.  She’s a full size (1:1 scale) replica of the TARDIS used by the Fourth Doctor – Tom Baker – built using blue prints obtained from the BBC in the 80s.  Solid wood with acrylic windows & sign, she has also had textures added to her exterior that give her a well-travelled disposition.  Her lighting is currently detached due to height restrictions, but nothing stops you from shutting yourself inside to make Vworp Vworp noises.  I know I do.

Dragancaor Creative TARDIS

Tucked behind the makeup station & TARDIS, are the hard backdrops.  They are Plywood, Perspex, a foldout butterflies & hearts artwork by Perth artist Amy Lee, & a metal fence/wall.

And despite the non-warehouse-size of my studio, it does have the wondrous ability to allow entry for motorcycles.  There’s isn’t enough room to manoeuvre a car for photos, but a bike does just fine.

triumph motorcycle tardis dragancaor creative