Emus & The Art of Photobombing

Hi! I’m Sharlene the Emu!

I’ve taken over this blog (well, I’ve created a user account to post things too) & I figured you would prefer me to start from the beginning…. so here is my beginning!


I found my humans from my vantage point on a shelf in a gift store at Nambung National Park. You know, where the Pinnacles are!


Have you been to the Pinnacles?  They’re in Western Australia, about 2 ½ hours north of Perth.  There are thousands of limestone Pinnacles (some as tall as 5m) over 190 hectares of desert.


There’s a fair bit of disagreement as to how they were formed, & there are three main theories… but none of them have enough evidence to support them over any of the others.  Some say they formed within the last 80,000 years, other sources suggest they took millions of years to form.  There’s no short way to describe the theories, but they’re all listed in the Visitors Centre at Nambung.


August to October is the best time of year to go, but my humans were there in June 2013.  Once they saw me, Gillian & Doug both knew they had to take me home with them.  There wasn’t even a question, it was just done.  When they paid for my release at the gift store, they gave me my own spot on the dashboard of their 4WD.  I photo-bombed a bit.  It was amusing – she’s a photographer & there’s me, getting in the way of the lens!


Heading home at the end of their weekend trip, I was on the dash.  Best view, great music (occasionally interrupted by the CB radio).  A wild emu ran out onto the highway in front of us, but changed direction at the last minute & ran off… & they avoided hitting it.  They joked that I should come on all our roadtrips.

And I have.