Fringe, Galleries & Shenanigans

Perth’s Fringe World Festival is over for another year.  We can hang up our artist passes & actually get a bit of rest & normality back into our lives.  Hah!!  Who are we kidding?! Good intentions aside, it’s probably more likely a rushed game of catch up for all the things we missed or put off while we were spread out across the 6 Fringe World areas – from Northbridge to Perth & all the way out to Midlandia.

But the Shenanigans!

So many amazing shows & fantastic performers!

So much fun & silliness!

I saw as many shows as I could manage & I know I missed out on so very many that were also brilliant.  So much talent, sequinning, hilarity, glitter, smiles, & feathers, all in the space of a month…. I don’t think it was possible to see everything, but next year I hope to see even more.

Gypsy Wood, Polly Rae & Kitty Bang Bang pose with Sharlene after Comic Strip at the West Australian Spiegaltent in the Pleasure Garden

Did anyone notice that Sharlene the Emu got involved a couple of times?  Not just getting her photo taken with the lovely ladies of Comic Strip, but also with the shows themselves!  Out at Midlandia with Burly Unplugged, she reverse stage dived & got cuddles from Carmen Noire, & then again at Noodle Palace (the old Piccadilly Cinemas, thanks to Jump Climb & Tomas Ford) for Midnight Burlesque, where the girls let her sit on stage atop the piano.

Misty Falls, Lolita Golightly, Lola Cherry Cola & Shy Violet pose with Sharlene after Midnight Burlesque in the Noodle Palace

Michael (from Zig Zag Community Arts) commented that, “After rescuing Sharlene at the outset of this year, We are slightly alarmed that Sharlene may yet be too young for this sort of entertainment. Large audience shows, bright lights and Pianos are a lot to take in for one so young and impressionable.”  However Shy Violet & Misty Falls  (pictured above) have both assured him that her fan dances are so amazing that he should, “Let the kid live a little.”

As much as I’d love to lie down & let my poor, broken body recover, I’ve got four pieces of work up in Smart Space Gallery as part of the Body Right Exhibition – “Because Every Body is the Right Body.”  The exhibition features a mixture of Perth artists, who have art across various mediums. There are photographs, 3D printed sculptures, paintings, patchwork quilts, tshirts, & glass sculpture.  Work featured revolves around the diversity of the human body and showcases the beauty & miscellany of all genders and body types.

The exhibition runs from the 21st until 28th February at Smart Space Gallery, 464A William St, Northbridge, with entry a gold coin donation.  Due to an oversight, my work (& a couple of others) was not mentioned on the handouts, but if you want one of my new cards (thanks, Jenji!), they’re on the table nearby!

** EDITED TO ADD ** (25/02/2014)
Due to unfortunate circumstances, the Body Right exhibition will be closing up at 5pm Wednesday 26th February. If you had wanted to see it, you’ll need to go today or tomorrow – all the works are coming down on Thursday & it will not be open to the public.

I’m looking forward to hearing from Robbie, who won the $200 studio photography gift voucher I donated to the Launch Party raffle, with what sort of shoot he’d like to have.  I wonder if he’ll want something like the gentleman depicted in the photos I have on the walls at the exhibition.

Many heartfelt thanks go to the amazing Miss Pixie, for not only being willing to have a photo we took for an entirely different project be displayed on the wall at Body Right, but also for writing a description of living with chronic illness, despite how difficult & exceptionally draining it was to do so.  Her words are displayed beside her photograph at Body Right, & once the exhibition has finished I will share them here. For those who don’t know why her image is so important to me, Miss Pixie flew out from Sydney for me in 2012, lugged costumes with her, & spent 4 hours at a hairdresser to alter her hair for a character.  We had a very full-on week of sewing, prop making & set building, before finishing it off with 5 character shoots in a single day.  I bet you’re thinking about how plenty of professional models do that, but how many of them live with constant pain & mobility issues?

Thanks also go to Misty Falls & Lolita Golightly, who took time out of their insanely busy FringeWorld schedules to come & shoot with me at late notice.  You ladies are very many levels of fantabulous.  A couple of extra thanks go to Misty for the red velvet cake that she brought with her, & for her lighting & posing assistance on a shoot with the ever amazing Kenny (of Grey Company fame), who came straight from work to help me out on an entirely random request, without question.  And to his fabulous wife for being so cool with it.

I think I’ve rambled on enough.

Go check out the Body Right exhibition!!