March in March, Perth 2014

The thing about Australians, is they’re a very laid back bunch.

As a culture there’s a lot to be said for, “She’ll be right mate, no worries.” The standard response to a bad thing is to crack a tinny with your best mate.  Ignore it, build a bridge & get over it, because it will all come good in the end.

So for something to get over 100,000 Australians off their collective arses to gather & then walk together around the nation, holding signs & loudly calling rhyming slogans with no need for beer or football/motorsport/cricket… well, I’d say that means they’re feeling pretty damned strongly on the topic.

And walk together they did!

March in March, Perth

Around the nation from the 15-17th March 2014, hundreds of thousands of Australians “marched” in march together.  As a collective, they called out the current Federal Government of Australia for it’s lack of decency, integrity, transparency, & accountability.   It was a peaceful protest; with colourful & imaginative signs & hand drawn tshirts, intelligent jingles & slogans being sung out with gusto.  There was a togetherness about it all.  Could that be the well known Mateship that is also a famous part of the Australian culture?  Certainly looked like it to me.

We Want Our Country Back - March in March Perth

They’re calling out for the sake of this once great country.  For the Governor General to dissolve the current goverment & take us all back to the polls (yes, us.  I hold duel citizenship & I make sure my voice & vote get heard), or for the Coalition Government to stop the utter bullshit they’re playing at & listen to the Nation’s People.  To stop us from being dragged back into the stone age.

NBN? March in March Perth

Education, Health, Environment, Science & Technology, Social Welfare… everything that truly matters is getting cut up, cancelled, & we’re looking at policies & “plans” worse than those in 3rd World Countries that we pity in the same breath.

Dredging in the Great Barrier Reef.  Charging for Medicare.  Destroying & hacking up education (& changing what history has to say about politics!).  Censoring the Media.  Logging in UNESCO Heritage zones.  Fracking!

News is Limited - March in March Perth
Prime Minister Abbott, you might want to look at what followed protests like these ones from other countries around the world recently. Take it seriously & stop pretending these people were just getting drunk & pretending they were Irish.  Stop pressuring our media to squelch the story, & start looking at addressing it like a person in your position should.

Because I do believe this is only just starting to get its momentum…

Knit wit PM - March in March Perth

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