.:Shoes:. Designer Taste

I had a very special shoot for my Shoe Project today.

An amazing & wonderful lady has flown all the way from NSW with her four favourite pairs of shoes, to model them for my book!  For those following this blog who aren’t aware of the geography down here, that’s the opposite side of the country.  It’s extraordinarily expensive to travel within Australia (it’s often more than double the cost of leaving the country).  Nothing boosts your spirits quite like that does.

This is a woman who can look at a pair of shoes & know its size before touching it.   Who knows what designer & what collection at a glance.  She has expensive taste, an eye for detail & a passion for shoes.

The choice she had on what to bring was a difficult one, but from the messages she’d sent me I was very much looking forward to working with her & her Limited Edition Converse & Marc Jacobs.  But then she brought out a pair of Christian Louboutins… & wow.  Wowww.  One of two pairs of Magos in the entire country & the story that goes with their purchase is priceless. 

We only had today, as she flew home to NSW tonight, but it was a fantastic day!  We were extremely lucky to have the use of a newly laid floor, freshly painted walls, & a brand new leather chaise for just a few thousand dollars worth of shoes – only a couple of pairs.

After the shoot, we headed to a cafe for lunch.  As we got out of the car I grabbed my camera bag, with all my gear in it, & she grabbed the bag that held the shoes she’d brought.  We looked at each other, looked at our bags, & burst out laughing before carrying about $10,000 of gear into an unsuspecting cafe.

Limited Edition Converse, bought in Japan

And while she’s left already, it was a day like no other.  Here’s hoping that I somehow manage to fund a trip to Sydney later this year for Miss Pixie‘s birthday.  Then I could take the extra 3 hour trek out to see Tamar & shoot with the shoes that she couldn’t fit in her suitcase, in their own space.