Werewolf Priest! The Lamentable Ballad of Father Hank Grimby

One word:  Wow!!

There were standing ovations at Werewolf Priest! The Lamentable Ballad of Father Hank Grimby last night!


Werewolf Priest 8013

Cast & crew alike – you guys & gals were amazing!  Wonderful!  Astounding!  And the show was all amounts of epic!

The story was captivating. Even though I already had plenty of tasters from the tech run last Friday, it was still edge of the seat stuff! Levon J Polinelli has written something that not only grabs your attention, but holds it.  There were tears, real tears, from the audience & laughter when it was needed.  Possibly in a couple of moments where we weren’t expecting to.  We all shared in our derision for that character… & I’ll hush now before I get carried away & spoil something.
Werewolf Priest GillianB-8151

The music was intense & beautiful (not necessarily in that order).  Ash Gibson Greig took our souls away with his intense & huge compositions.  Despite being all new, the audience were still getting drawn into singing along for the choruses to some of the bigger numbers, especially Waggner’s Plan.  I’ve had two songs alternating in my head since.  But they’re brilliant songs & I’m pretty sure on the words, so there’s no complaints from me!


Werewolf Priest GillianB-8266

Silver!  Yes silver!
To a werewolf nothing is viler!


Set changes were flawless & fast. I’ve seen larger productions that were not as well executed.

Lighting & sound? Holy shit!  Wait.  I shouldn’t say that in a review, should I.  Uh… Lighting & sound made the small & cosy theatre feel huge. It felt like we were out in the woods, & it felt like we were surrounded by wolves, & when we needed to feel like we were looking in on a small farm house we did.  Lighting was managed in such a way as to almost triple the size of the stage.  The control & timing was brilliant.


Werewolf Priest GillianB-8409

And the cast?  The cast were so well cast it was probably criminal!! Wow. Just WOW!! The chemistry between Hank & Brooke was electric & so very tangible.  George Waggner was everything & then so much more!!  The accents, the singing, the looks in their eyes.  Especially for the opening scene of Act Two.  Wow.


Werewolf Priest GillianB-7958

The only thing that could be said to have been wrong was someone in the audience towards the end taking photos using flash, & an audience member behind me who wouldn’t shut up.  Neither of which had anything to do with the actual show or it’s crew, so really don’t count at all for anything other than Please Be a Respectful Audience!

It was honestly the best piece of home grown theatre I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness.  Thank you!

Not that I should be surprised.  I mean, really.  A play about a werewolf, a priest with a secret even bigger than lycanthropy, & singing!  Oh the singing!! Levon, you & your team should be so immensely proud of yourselves.


werewolf priest

At only $25, tickets are really affordable!  So you have no excuse to not get to see it!  Werewolf Priest! The Lamentable Ballad of Father Hank Grimby is playing at the Blue Room Theatre in Perth from Tuesday to Saturday from now until 7th June.
Guess who’s going again?! & again!! & AGAIN!!
Yes!  That would be me!!