The LEGO Ride of a Lifetime

The “Swell of the Decade” has been hitting Western Australia since Friday, thanks to a huge storm 2,000km off the coast. 5m (16ft) waves with 16 second swell periods….. Up to 9-12m (30-40ft) waves. The “Ride of a Lifetime.”

So what would Bodhi do?

He’d be right in there! Wouldn’t miss it for anything of course!

And the same went for real-life Australian surfer, Justin Holland, who headed down to our South West from his home in the Gold Coast.



Luckily he didn’t severe an artery with his break, & he was rescued by his friends before heading to hospital.  He’s had titanium rods installed, & his wife is by his side.  You can see some photographs of the amazing waves out there he got to experience, as well as his before & after xrays, on his instagram account.

And to those wanting to see what was involved in the making of the above photo:

Lego bricks surf photo

For those who are worried, the minifig was not broken in order to take the photo.  I’m not that cruel.

I have no idea when or how it was broken as it’s from my partner’s childhood collection. We found it like that when he dug out his suitcase full of Technic – there were random normal LEGO minifigures & one rather awesome set from the 90s. The pin that holds the leg on is snapped off inside the leg… & when I heard about the injury that Justin Holland sustained on Saturday it seemed rather perfect.

Even broken LEGO comes in useful & can still be loved.