ELC: Generators

Sim Personality Generator

For the ELC, a sim’s traits & aspirations must be random rolled / generated & cannot be chosen at birth!

Start by selecting the packs you have installed. These are packs that give aspirations or traits, & if you don’t select them the traits & aspirations they come with will not be included in your results.

Input the traits of your parent sims. If one of the parents is unknown, select “none” for their traits.

If you have Growing Together installed, use the original 3 traits of your sim, not the ones gained through gameplay.

Press submit & then record the results in your spreadsheet!

Lot Trait/Challenge Generator

For the Hardmode version of ELC, the lot your sims live on have to have 1 trait & 1 challenge that is random rolled / generated & cannot be chosen!

These are rolled at the beginning of the challenge, & again each time a new generation takes “control” of the family (at the aging up to YA of the next generation). You replace the previous trait & challenge with the new.

Generators up to date as at April 2024