Pocket Dimension Pi

Pocket Dimension Pi is a multi-dimensional complex station nestled within the weaves of the fabric of time, space, and reality.
A homebrew campaign straight out of our DM’s brain & coding experience, running with the 5e Dungeons & Dragons ruleset, in a beautiful & intricate blend of science fiction & fantasy.

Game Master: PiGamer

Players: Dragancaor, Weykin, Tazigo, Icemanix, & guests

Played on Twitch every second Saturday at 9pm AWST (GMT+8)

Video on Demand of each episode is available on Youtube

Artwork by Dragancaor

Pi or PiG4M3R (Pi/he/him) is a box of chaos, a jack of all trades, and forever DM living in the US. He enjoys making bad jokes for himself and creating worlds and stories to entertain his friends. Outside of tabletop games, he plays various games and tinkers with electronics and gadgets. Pocket Dimension Pi is a homebrew campaign straight out of his brain & coding experience.

Ordrio (he/they) is the caretaker of Pocket Dimension Pi, a multi-dimensional complex station nestled within the weaves of the fabric of time, space, and reality. With the aid of Pi-Bot (they/them), the AI and brain of PDP, Ordrio’s top priority is the stability of the multiverse. Pi-Bot has scanned so much log data for countless worlds, dimensions, and timelines, they tend to exhibit a personality that no longer resembles the one they were originally programmed with.

Dragancaor, Drag, Dragan, or Red (they/she) is an NB ND LGBTQIA+ variety streamer in Australia, who’s been playing TTRPGs most of their life & is a DM/GM of over 20 years. A goth, wheelchair user, Red is an unapologetic geek. Powered by caffeine and sarcasm, they are never gonna give you up.

They are playing Teras Tealeaf, a halfling druid. Teras Tealeaf (she/her) is a very intense druid despite her diminutive stature. She’s a halfling who loves apples and is curious and inquisitive. She nixes most opportunities to socialise with people, and tends to have good stories to share at the campfire. Never far from Mica, the southern boobook owl, she far prefers the company of animals over people.

Weykin or Wey, (he/him), is the much loved token neurotypical cis white hetero male of the group. He keeps us diverse. Wey can be found on Twitter and streams on Twitch as well. Wey is proudly Welsh and will tell you all about it if you ask. He is playing Redeemer Exo#021, a warforged paladin.

Redeemer exo#021 (they/them) is a warforged paladin who exudes confidence and strength. Redeemer is driven by a desire to return to their place in time and space. Possessing a strong sense of vengeance and justice, they can come across as unfeeling or insensitive, but they are both loyal and caring to anyone who can earn their trust.

icemanix or ice (he/him) is a moderator for the Lair and frequent genesis of chaos in other spaces… You’ve been warned, or you already know. He can be found on Twitter and Instagram. Ice is an ADHD ND gamer on PC, console, and tabletop. Normally a GM, this Australian is playing Quinn Tessential, a loxodon monk.

Quinn Tessential (he/they) can most often be found lost in thought and contemplation. Loxodon monk of gentle disposition, a gentle giant if you will – though don’t let the calm exterior fool you. A lifetime of martial training will ensure the first time you cross his friends will be the last.

Tazigo or Tazi (she/her) has only been playing TTRPGs for a few years, but has fallen in love. An American living in Korea, she mods for multiple Twitch streamers, including Red and Kae, and clips eagerly everywhere she goes – normally without context. She has ADHD and a truly laughable memory. Tazi is playing Keythana Koltora, a wood elf cleric.

Keythana Koltorah (she/her) is an Aereni wood elf. She is perhaps a bit innocent at times, but truly believes the best of everyone. Kindness is incredibly important to her, as is helping others, leading to her studying natural medicine. She can absolutely be stubborn, but will do everything possible to help and protect her family (blood or otherwise).