Stray is a gorgeous indie story game by BlueTwelve Studio. You control a cat, lost in a city of AI robots who are learning & creating their own culture, trying to find their way home to their family outside the walls.

The only downside to this game is its lack of photomode. It’s stunning & well crafted, & I spent my playthough entirely wanting to document that. All of these images are taken by meticulously controlling the angle of view for the cat.

Screenshot of Stray. A robot sits slumped forwards, cables running from its body to a wall of many CRT monitors all depicting the stars screensaver from early Windows editions.
Screenshot of Stray. Neon lights on a concrete wall light up red & read "help"
Screenshot of Stray. A robot poles a skiff down an underground canal, with the cat at the front of the boat.
Screenshot of Stray. The ginger cat perches above a street lit by lots of neon signage. Electrical cables are strung haphazardly.
Screenshot of Stray. A bathroom full of plants & random eclectic items such as a mannequin wearing a traffic cone. Neon coloured lights filter through a window to the left.
Screenshot of Stray. The ginger cat walks forward, balancing along a metal pipe underground.
Screenshot of Stray. At the end of a narrow alley, a robot sweeps with a broom