My love of photomode in games is no secret. The more robust the photomode the better!

The Lair have the !photomode command, which uses our photomode emote & says, “Whoops, looks like Dragan has found a camera laying around & couldn’t resist the lure of it. We’re Photomoding for the foreseeable future. Sorry not sorry!”

They can request photomode, & they can laugh along as I fall to temptation.

Pre-pandemic, I was a wedding & event photographer. I lived & breathed photography, not just for work but as an enjoyable hobby too. Not long after lockdowns ended I lost my ability to walk & I haven’t yet returned to photography at a professional level. I’m looking forward to being able to, but I’m not quite there yet. The game that helped me navigate the loss was Horizon Zero Dawn, with it’s robust photomode mechanics, spectacular landscapes, & divine lighting. It was almost like holding my camera, & it absolutely helped to fill the void.

I’ve spent countless hours live streaming myself getting lost in photomode, helping folks learn & understand the various options & how to take great screenshots of their own.

I’ve been told by people they didn’t even consider photomode until watching me use it, & how much they now enjoy it & love when games include it.

I’ll visit streams as a viewer & will be greeted by the streamer with, “Oh my god, Red! Red, It’s got photomode!!” as they pause their playthrough to open the menu & show it off.

Honestly, one of the greatest things a game can include is photomode. Not least of which for the free advertising it will gain the game on social media, but also for the added element of a different gameplay option, & a way for players to fondly look back to the game long after finishing their playthrough.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Screenshot of Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy aims her bow to the right of image, a flame on the arrow tip. She stands under a jungle canopy.


Screenshot of Stray. A robot sits slumped forwards, cables running from its body to a wall of many CRT monitors all depicting the stars screensaver from early Windows editions.


Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Screenshot of Kena Bridge of Spirits. A close up of a rot sprite in Kena's lap. Her hand rests gently on its head as she pats it