ELC: Hints, Tips, & FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Challenge Legacy Extreme is shortened to E.L.C ( pronounced “Elk”)!
    Australia is upside down, so it stands to reason that our acronym for this is backwards. Right? Right.
  • It’s only “on one sim” or “in one generation” if I explicitly list that, otherwise you achieve it whenever it happens within the 20 generation time limit.
    20 BFFs, 50 woohoo, & collecting all of the deaths – those are across the entire challenge. “One sim completes both love aspirations” needs to be done by only one sim.
  • Generations pass control when the next generation ages to Young Adult.
    It doesn’t have to be the heir, but the moment someone in the next generation leaves their teen days behind that generation has control. If Gen 2 has 10 kids & the 4 eldest die as teens, it’s still counted as being in Generation 1 until someone ages to YA.
  • You may not sell collectible items unless you already have a duplicate of it.
    Eg: you can only sell a minnow if you have caught one already. Fish collections should be mounted (this is free), & you need to do it when they’re fresh. The exception to this rule is if you dig up or get given a foul quality fish/eel as a gift – do not mount it. Sell it & catch a fresh one to mount instead, as if they are foul quality when you mount them they will give a bad/disgusting décor aura despite not saying so on the hover text & will make your sim miserable when they’re around it. Or… mount & place it knowingly. Your choice =P
  • You can sell paintings & photographs, with the exception of masterpiece paintings
    Masterpieces can only be sold if you already have a masterpiece of that identical painting already & you must keep 1 excellent quality painting of each emotional painting as these count towards the challenge’s collections. Masterpieces of the emotional paintings are possible, & the same masterpiece rules apply, however for collection points you only need excellent (unless you’re playing hardmode, in which case there’s a bonus point for a complete set of emotionals in masterpiece).
  • You can sell presents from Father Winter.
    You may only have the present pile on the lot for one week per year, regardless of your season lengths. Father Winter may only attend one holiday per year.
  • A “year” is the completion of each of the 4 seasons.
  • Anything in the spreadsheet marked with strikethrough text does not need to be done/collected.
    This includes the City Native aspiration, which is not possible to do with this challenge (as you cannot move lot), & the positivity posters which cannot be triggered to collect anymore.
    The freelance careers are optional, should you wish to make your challenge even harder – they don’t have a rank/promotion ceiling & they take longer than a standard career to progress so I’ve not included them in the scoring requirements.
  • Only the heir’s spouse & their children count towards points
    The heir’s siblings are allowed to marry, but their partners & kids don’t count towards the points you can earn in this challenge. Also, only the founder/heir’s first spouse counts towards points.

    Founder & Spouse = points.
    If their spouse dies & the founder remarries = no points on new spouse (keep points earned by original).
    Generation 2, all kids = points
    G2 heir’s spouse = points
    G2 spares’ spouse(s) = no points
    G2 heir’s spouse after the first = no points

    Generation 3, all kids born to G2 heir & spouse = points
    G3 kids born to G2 spares = no points

    Adopted children can earn points, as do children born of alien pregnancy via abduction so long as at least one parent is either the heir or their spouse. Family isn’t about blood ties, but the family line carries through the heir & their dependants.
  • Lot Value is counted depreciated, not new.
    If you’ve made changes to the lot in Buy Mode, you will need to go back to Live Mode & then return to Build/Buy to get the depreciated cost. You can find the value in the top left corner where the lot type & traits are.

Hints & Tips

There’s a downloadable PDF with all the rules information, how to keep score, & hints tips & FAQ.

Check out the Experiences sheet in the scoring spreadsheet for ideas on gameplay to explore, even if you aren’t playing for those points!

Helpful things for starting out: 

  • Selfies can be sold.
  • Breeding two rare frogs, can lead to rare frog doubles (& doubles can be sold!)
  • You can nap on benches & sofas all over the worlds.
  • The humour & hijinx festival competition isn’t difficult & either prize is helpful.
  • The “Penny Pixies” lot trait & a comfy chair make a good pair.
  • Painting can be lucrative, if you can afford a canvas.
  • Gyms have showers.

Unlike previous versions, the Sims 4 allows you to visit all the worlds & neighbourhoods, not just the one you live in!  Make use of community lots & communal spaces to help your sim’s legacy survive & thrive!
Not only do all the gyms have showers, if you have City Living or Spa Day there are community lots with baths (Central Park, & Perfect Balance Spa respectively).

The Gallery has some incredible community lots that have been made by other players, which are available to both PC & Console players.

Feel free to browse my gallery (Dragancaor) – I’ve renovated Oasis Springs park to include all ages, & the Movers & Shakers gym in Willow Creek to also include a creche (infant/toddler), basketball, climbing & wellness… & a much comfier social zone. “Social Squirrels” is an indoor play space for all ages, & “Heathcote Reserve” is a narrow park for all ages that fits on the long thin lots in Newcrest. There’s also a couple of lovely date locations like the “Insert Name Here Café” & “Sunset Cinema” (the picture is awful; it’s an outdoor cinema under the trees with a bar, popcorn, & woohoo items), “Rainbow Splash” pool & waterpark, “Mataranka Hot Springs” pool, & “Seamrog Oasis” pool.

Check out #CampbellShell #ELCshell & #ELCShell01 for some brilliant community lots made by my twitch community for my streamed legacy.

If you share a community lot to help with this challenge please use #ChallengeLegacyExtreme or #ELC so we can find it on the gallery.

Please also use this hashtag on socials if you share moments, stories, or screenshots from your playthrough of this challenge. I’d love to see how your playthrough goes!