A third person action-adventure game made by Remedy Entertainment, set in the same universe as their previous game “Alan Wake,” Control is set in New York City, USA, inside The Oldest House; a tall building of brutalist architecture where the fictional “Federal Bureau of Control” are based. It’s a paranormal, science fiction thriller, with a soundscape that works beautifully with lighting to create atmosphere.

The game has an almost sandbox manner while still being narrative driven, with the player making their way through the game at their own pace, selecting which missions to follow in what order. There is only one difficulty setting, & you can only have one save game.

The photomode is good, though has more control of the imagery via filters than with traditional camera-like settings. Interesting to note too, that the photomode for this game was added after the release of the game in response to community request! Remedy run “Faden Fridays” on their social media for fans to share Virtual Photography images from their games, & do a monthly roundup that they host on their website.