Challenge: Legacy Extreme!

Welcome to the home of the Challenge Legacy Extreme, or E.L.C (“Elk”)* for short!

This challenge can be done with just the base game, or with any/all packs.
The rules & scoring both separate out any content that isn’t base game & so do the sheets for traits & collections etc.

Hopefully through this challenge you’ll be able to experience a large chunk of what the Sims 4 has to offer, & maybe even explore outside your standard gameplay norms. There’s enough random chance thrown in amongst your strategizing that this challenge should mean your save games play out differently each time you do it.

Base Game alone can earn up to 141 points. With all packs, & playing the Hardmode ruleset, you could earn up to 250 points… but watch out for those penalties!

The spirit of this challenge is to play without mods that give you an advantage over someone who doesn’t have them. For example, if you’re trying to get the point for 10 kids in a single generation, you should be playing with the default 8 sim per household limit (which includes cats, dogs, & vampires who don’t age – hello hard mode!).

This also applies to not quitting without saving when an event happens you didn’t want, like a bad chance card, a forgotten birthday, or accidental death. Work with what you have! Take the random chance & embrace it! The exception to this is for bugs – if a game glitch messes you up, absolutely feel free to quit without saving (or not).

With that said however, the most important part is that you enjoy your time playing. So play the way you need to in order to enjoy yourself – the mods you cannot play without included!

The spreadsheet that goes with this challenge is designed to help you get the most out of your gameplay. Utilise the extra sheets to keep track of not only the rules & scoring, but also what you’ve discovered & things that might make your gameplay easier – like who your Serial Romantic sim has kissed, recipes you’ve learned, your occult journeys, memorable experiences, & your family’s advancement through bills & lot value.

I tend to keep track of who was in charge when things happened, by using the generation colour to fill the cell of what was achieved/found. That’s not part of the rules or scoring, it’s just a silly little thing I enjoy – being able to see at a glance how long certain tasks/collections took me to complete. I’ve played through this challenge many times & I love comparing the sheets to see how different each playthrough was.




How to Keep Score

Hints, tips, & F.A.Q.


Excel Spreadsheet for scoring (Rules & scoring updated to Crystals!)

PDF: Rules & How to keep score

Check out #CampbellShell on the Sims 4 Gallery for some brilliant community lots made by my twitch community for my streamed legacy.

If you would like to share a community lot to help with this challenge please use #ChallengeLegacyExtreme so we can find it on the gallery.

Please also use this hashtag on socials if you share moments, stories, or screenshots from your playthrough of this challenge. I’d love to see how your playthrough goes!

With Thanks

To the Lairizens (my twitch community) for showing me that this challenge was interesting to people other than just me, & for pushing me to write it down in a way that was clear & easy to follow.

To Claymen for his help with setting up a develpment space to rebuild my website calmly, where it wouldn’t be live.

To DragynsLair for building the back end of the generator, & the scripts to run it.

To ScraneGames for writing the PHP & ParaDdraigo for the HTML knowledge to make the generator run on this website.

To my playtesters – SaltQueenPlays, LifeLoveAndWhy, PixiePan, EngramPlays, MissWhiteHead & PickupNotes – for their feedback & help finding typos, errors, explanations that were missing, & helping me find balance between challenge & fun.

To ParaDdraigo for teaching me new tricks & enabling me to automate the spreadsheet even further.

Without all of you, this challenge would still only exist in my head & in my own playthroughs.

Thank you for the belief & support. <3

& thanks to the Sims team for keeping this game going so long, & continuing to throw more content at it both in free patches & DLC. I almost feel like I’m updating & rebalancing this challenge every other week!

If you like this challenge &/or the resources for it, please consider supporting my work via my KoFi.

I don’t want to charge for the spreadsheet, but it was a lot of work.
You can set whatever amount you choose (it will show in AUD).

* Australia is upside down, so it stands to reason that our acronym for this is backwards.

A cartoon rendered red dragon with green eyes & white horns, peeks up from the bottom edge of the image. Only the eyes up are visible.