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About Dragancaor

Queer, goth, Australian Variety Streamer, Photographer, & Volunteer.
Wheelchair user.
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Dragancaor streams live on Twitch
& has videos on YouTube

The Sims

Challenge: Legacy Extreme
Play Sims for points?!

Pocket Dimension Pi

5e D&D live play
Science Fiction x High Fantasy

With love…

Laugh often

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Twitch Content

The Sims 4

Legacy & Build mode

Horizon Zero Dawn

Story & Photomode


Makers & Crafting

Indy Games

Showcase, Review, Enjoy


Actual play, discussion, world building



March 2023


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March 2023


Unique Chatters

March 2023



March 2023

Who is Dragancaor?

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  • Jaspers Game Week 2023
  • Twitch ANZ – Grass Roots 2022
  • Twitch ANZ – SubFest 2022 & 2023
  • Studio Drydock – Wylde Flowers
  • ToastieLabs – Wooloop
  • Crowd Control – Sims 4 Beta

Join The Chaos


Alternating Saturdays, 9pm GMT+8

Pocket Dimension Pi

Pocket Dimension Pi is a multi-dimensional complex station nestled within the weaves of the fabric of time, space, and reality. A homebrew campaign straight out of our DM’s brain & coding experience, running with the 5e Dungeons & Dragons ruleset, in a beautiful & intricate blend of science fiction & fantasy.
Live on Twitch, or video on demand on Youtube

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7pm GMT+8

Dragancaor Live

Variety Gamer – from cozy games like Coral Island & The Sims, to first person shooters & action RPGs like Borderlands 3, Destiny 2, & Horizon Zero Dawn.
Just chatting & crochet crafts too!
Regardless of category… there’s almost definitely going to be Photomode.

Various dates & locations

Special events & Guest Appearances

Special guest appearances on other channels, such as for Jaspers Game Week Aussie Edition 2023
Events including PAX AUS, Melbourne October 2023!

Behind the Lens

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What People Say About Me

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Twitch ANZ

September 2022

Red was a great help in promoting our Indie game, WooLoop, to their gaming community. They were very professional behind the scenes with their channels of communication as well as providing additional feedback on the game which we didn’t expect from any of our outreach.  The feedback and game exposure provided by Red was a great help to the launch of our game.

Toastie Labs

Lee Fowles, 2023

Ink Stains of the Little Dragon